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the tunnel rats association
50th Anniversary Tour

We’re again inviting young Combat Engineers to join us on the tour

Following many discussions with sections of the Army and in particular the Corps of Engineers, a big aim for us on this tour is to invite and mentor current serving Combat Engineers. Many Combat Engineer Afghanistan veterans are suffering high levels of PTSD. We know what that’s all about - and it’s our duty and our privilege to take these soldiers on a journey with us, back to the scene of our conflict, to show them that incredibly positive things can come out of the combat experience. We’ll share with them, how decades later we go there and honour our fallen comrades. We’ll show them that, in our case at least, we can meet with for­mer enemy, on the same level - as old soldiers. We’ll visit the sites of incidents with men that were involved in those incidents - and see that it can be a healing process. And perhaps best of all, and probably over beers at the end of each day, we’ll show the incredible comradeship we enjoy, and how this comradeship extends equally to them, our brother Sappers.


shameless fundrising effors

We have a variety of great Tunnel Rat related items for sale. All proceeds go to the Vietnam Tunnel Rats Association to help cover the costs of producing and posting out our fascinating newsletter “Holdfast”.

our honour roll

In Vietnam 35 of our comrades paid the Supreme Sacrifice. Here we list them, and honour them, and encourage you to visit them at their last resting places.


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our military medal winners

Five Tunnel Rats who had their valour recognised

The bravery of these five Tunnel Rats in Vietnam was suitably recognised with the awarding of the prestigious Military Medal

The Military Medal is not given lightly. It's about valour. It's about bravery in combat. It was instituted in March 1916 as an award for acts of bravery and bravery under fire. All Military Medals issued to Australian personnel .....

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